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Meet the Co.mmunity: Edit Suits Co.

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Dressing for the workplace

As Co.mmunity managers in a social space with a lifestyle and community focus, we're very much the face of the Co.

Apart from making members feel comfortable at our space, creating opportunities for them to connect with one another and organising fun programmes, we also meet neighbourhood and programme partners who help make our Co.mmunity the dynamic and close-knit ecosystem that it is—which is why we always want to appear affable to members and other people we encounter during the day to day.

And partly, we want to look sharp.

Booked an appointment with Edit Suits Co

We have a good relationship with our neighbour Edit Suits Co. which is just minute's walk away from our space at the Co., so we reached out to them to get glammed up. What they offer is the custom suiting experience without the bespoke price tag. Their ethos: the perfect suit, tuxedo, shirt, or chino should be well-made and custom-tailored. Most importantly, it should be unique and special.

Before I knew it, it was the day of my appointment. I wasn't sure what to expect of the process, since I don't see nor hear about women having suits tailored as much as I do men. What are the differences between a classic men's suit and a women's suit? Will we be able to tailor something that is cohesive wit

h the the Co.'s character?

Whatever uncertainty I'd had, however, was immediately quelled when I was greeted by Juriani, an outfitter with Edit Suits Co.

Juriani was herself suited up in an ensemble tailored by Edit Suits Co., and she looked stunning. She wore a well-fitted white shirt with blue stripes and a pair of sleek navy tapered trousers.

From the look of the fabric and how it fell on her frame, it was immediately obvious to me that what she had on was carefully crafted by experienced artisans. My instinct was that I wanted to look as put together as she was.

Juriani's pleasant demeanour made me feel at ease to ask her all the questions that were on my mind.

Are there fabrics that are more playful that would suit a smart casual setting? What kind of suit would suit my lanky body type? What if I want a boot leg flare style for the pants? How far can I take customisations?

Needless to say, she explained away all my concerns. With the thousands of fabrics available from the world's finest fabric mills and countless customisations available, Edit Suits Co. is dedicated to creating the perfect garment, handcrafted to our shape and style.

Learning about women's suits

I learnt that women's suits also allow for greater room to play with colours, fabrics and shapes, especially if we're looking for something more playful and adventurous.

Juriani plucked several velvety hard-covers from a full shelf and showed me the options I had for my jacket, shirt and trousers. I knew at once that I was going to be absolutely spoilt for choice. Just look at these fabrics and colours.

I also got to look at some sample suits that they've tailored in their prototyping process and for other clients, while Juriani schooled me about the many intricate details that make a custom suit. We decided on these together, and Juriani keyed them into Edit Suits Co's system. These included:

  • the size and style of the jacket's lapel—peak, shawl or notch;

  • the type of pocket on the jacket—welt pocket (with button or without), classic flap;

  • the type of shirt collar such as spread, mandarin, pointed or club among many options;

  • the buttons on the shirt—regular or hidden, single or double buttoned;

  • the cut of the trousers;

  • the option of having a monogram;

  • and many more.

Juriani was very patient in explaining the options to me, especially when I was feeling unsure about some of them. I had never considered a preference of having a breast pocket on a jacket over the absence thereof, for instance.

Juriani shared that it might be better for me to go without it, since I will not likely find a need or desire to wear a pocket square, and it might make my jacket look too busy with the other pockets I had opted for.

I decided on the following: a particularly smooth purple fabric for the jacket, a white shirt with a beautiful floral motif and for the pants the same purple fabric as the jacket to match.

Made to measure

Next was numbers. Juriani was painstakingly detailed in taking my measurements beyond the usual chest-waist-hip. She even noted the circumference of my upper arm, wrist and ankles, to name a few. Other seemingly miniscule but important questions included whether I'd like the sleeves to completely cover my wrists, and if I typically wear a watch, and on which arm.

She then had me put on a sample suit closest to my measurements so that I could get a feel of the fit and make additional specifications.

Juriani even had a quirky contraption to measure the curve of my shoulders. I was thoroughly impressed by the level of detail that Edit Suits Co was paying attention to in the steps leading up to the tailoring of my suit.

Juriani then took pictures of me donning the sample suit with the pins she stuck into it according to my specifications. This was so the artisan tailors could reference my posture as they made my suit.

Juriani went on to put all this information into the Edits Suit Co's system, which will then have a record of my specifications to make future tailoring orders more seamless. Additional profiles can also be added into the system for a different fit for new orders, if preferred!

Getting fitted with my tailored suit

After three weeks, I received an e-mail from Edit Suits Co notifying me that my tailored suit was ready for fitting, and here's the look!

Needless to say, I was extremely pleased! The way it turned out exceeded my expectations, which may seem strange to say since I had personally handpicked each aspect of the suit to my tastes. There was, however, a sense of significance to seeing all these choices culminate into a completed ensemble.

From the luscious purple colour, to the feel of the fabrics, to the fit on my frame, putting on my literally one-of-a-kind suit made me feel confident! It was kind of like being dressed by Fairy Godmother to conquer the ball, except in my case I was dressed to impress for meetings with partners and members.

All in all, getting my first tailored suit made with Edit Suits Co was such a seamless, inspiring and educational experience. Juriani was personable and so helpful with helping me understand I learnt so much about the different aspects of a suit, the process that artisan suitmakers go through to put a suit together and the differences between a men's and a women's suit.

I will definitely return to have another suit made at Edit Suits Co—maybe something similarly playful, something more formal or one of those wedding suits for women that Edit Suits Co is so expert at tailoring.

Free shirt or chino from Edit Suits Co

Members of the Co. with a workspace plan with us enjoy a free shirt or chino with a minimum spend and exclusive discount code. Check out our November newsletter or reach out to our Co.mmunity team for the discount code or for more information.

If you haven't already done so, you may sign up for our newsletter via the pop up on our website.

More on Edit Suits Co

Address: 35A Duxton Road, Level 2, Singapore 089499

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