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Writer's Co.mmune |
Workshopping Session: Fiction


21 September 2022

7pm to 9pm 

An initiative with the aim of fostering a safe, inclusive and enriching community of writers-in-arms to support their writing at any stage of development towards publication.


Programming Information

Writer's Co.mmune is born out of a love for writing and reading as well as the vision of a safe and supportive community of logophiles.

Come share your short stories or story excerpts of up to 2,500 words and read the works of other writers! Please send your pieces one week prior to the workshop for circulation via e-mail to This is to allow other attending writers sufficient time to peruse and prepare critiques for one another's writing.

Be part of a group of writers-in-arms to hone your craft, alongside other inspiring individuals with the common interest and goal of developing pieces of writing towards publication. 

Stay tuned for other programming as part of Writer's Co.mmune, from open mics to curated reading lists.

Writer's Co.mmune 
Workshopping Session (Fiction) Details
Dates: 21 September 2022.
Time: 7pm to 9pm.
Format: Physical event. 

*Maximum of 6 participants.

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