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Our Story

Empowering Minds | Activating Spaces | Building Community

Co. - We are All for Creativity

Nestled in a heritage shophouse at the heart of the culturally alluring Duxton neighbourhood, the Co. is a revivifying interpretation of the local community centre (or more affectionately, CC). We are devoted to connecting Friends of the Co. from all walks of life, including members, partners and fellow businesses in Duxton.

Our Vision: Where Creativity Connects

We believe that it is inherently important for people to connect with one another sincerely.
It is through shared experiences - 
be it learning, playing or working—that we grow.

Our Mission: Bringing diverse people together in a warm and supportive space

At its heart, our goal is to incite new perspectives through art, wellness and food and drink. To this end, we conceptualise and curate programs in line with our 3 pillars: culture, wellbeing and social.  


While being a social space for events, we also offer personalised workspaces and an amicable and conducive shared
work environment with other curious and creative minds.

tanjong pagar.jpg

Tanjong Pagar C1888. Source: National Archive Singapore (NAS)

The History of Duxton

Duxton as we know it was once part of a 13-hectare nutmeg plantation owned by William Montgomery (b.1797-d.1856) who arrived in Singapore in 1819 and became an Assistant Surgeon in the service of the British Colonial Government. 

After his death, Duxton was popularly known by the Cantonese as Jinrickshaw Place (or Kampong Ah Lai) during the late 19th century because of many rickshaw pullers who would park their vehicles there during the close of day. 

During this time, opium, gambling dens as well as cheap brothels flourshed on Duxton Road, and it was notoriously known as a vice-ridden environment. Despite this, many wealthy Straits Chinese families built and occupied the lofty shophouses.

Today, the Duxton area has undergone conservation efforts by the Urban Redevelopment Authority. The once infamous neighborhood has been converted into a charming, quaint, robust and colourful destination for all to explore.


The Neighbourhood Today

Take in the rustic charm of the cobblestone paths, the colourful shuttered shophouses and the verdant greens as you overlook the colourful Duxton neighbourhood. The coalescence of the quaint heritage terrace houses and the eclectic cafés, restaurants and bars will make anyone fall in love with Duxton. 

Enjoy a variety of lifestyle, entertainment and retail options within a thriving community with robust vendors such as independent bookstore Littered with Books, boutique vinyl record shop Retrophonic and athletics apparel company Lululemon Athletica.


Meet your convives at Duxton, home to Singapore’s coolest bars and restaurants such as the exciting Asian fusion and Latin American restaurant Kilo Kitchen, casual and vibrant Mexican cocina and garden bar Lucha Loco and many more.

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