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Co. x Underground Market: Fashion Flea Market 2021

At a time when Singapore was starting to catch glimpses of easing Covid-19 restrictions, the bubbling excitement for the return of face-to-face events was undeniable.

(Picture by Iskandar Ismail for the Co.)

Just in time for the season of giving, the Co. held its first flea market since pre-Covid-19 in the December of 2021 with a focus on championing the circular economy and sustainable fashion. In collaboration with Underground Market, our flea market happened over two Saturdays on the 4th and the 11th of June and involved leading lifestyle and fashion industry leaders and influencers.

(Picture by Iskandar Ismail for the Co.)

In recent years, fast fashion has reared its ugly head of not paying fair wages to workers for an acceptable standard of living, poor working conditions child labor, environmental destruction from hazardous chemicals, plastic-derived materials, and shocking extents of water pollution and textile waste.

The idea to have a flea market at the Co. was born out of the spirit of Co.mmunity and an aspiration to normalise owning second-hand items towards curbing the ills of fast fashion. Vendors sold a range of items from plants to pre-owned only apparel and accessories.

(Picture by Iskandar Ismail for the Co.)

It was delightful to see vendors and attendees alike shopping from the many vendors that came down to join the flea market. They were making meaningful connections with those in this community and bringing a piece of clothing, accessory or plant home with them, knowing that they've made a positive impact on the environment.

(Picture by Iskandar Ismail for the Co.)

(Two pictures by Kilo Kitchen and Amuse Dessert Co respectively)

Upon scanning a QR code at the Co.'s premises, all attendees and vendors were led to a page detailing exclusive dining privileges at the Duxton neighbourhood.

As a resounding hurrah for returning face-to-face programmes in Singapore and at the Co., our Duxton Co.mmunity came on board to provide a delectable retail and gastronomic experience for the vendors and attendees of the flea market.

A beloved, longstanding neighbour of the Co. located right downstairs, Kilo Kitchen, banded together with us to offer attendees ten-dollar sangrias and gin & tonics.

Attendees could also head over to trusty ice-cream parlour just down the street from the Co., Amuse Dessert Co, for one-for-one ice creams.

Offering a range of splendid flavours and a delightful seating space, Amuse Dessert Co was a wonderful destination for attendees to regroup after a meaningful shopping experience and after exploring the beautiful Duxton neighbourhood.

(Picture by Iskandar Ismail for the Co.)

In the spirit of giving near Christmastime, it was important to the Co. to not only make taking care of our earth accessible for attendees, but also giving back to the underserved communities within the Duxton-Chinatown-Tanjong-Pagar enclave.

(Picture by the Co.)

To raise funds for several social service agencies in the neighbourhood and champion their noble causes, The Giving Machine was erected between the entrances of Kilo Kitchen and the Co.

Essentially a vending machine, The Giving Machine dispensed cards illustrating an item towards which a specific donation amount would help a beneficiary from the participating social service agencies. With a push of a button, users interacting with The Giving Machine could physically help someone in need, whether it was to provide a child from a low-income family with stationery or ferry an underprivileged end-stage kidney patient to and fro dialysis? The participating social service agencies include:

It was heartening to see vendors and attendees finding out more about these changemakers in the neighbourhood and contributing towards the causes that they wished to support.

(Picture by Iskandar Ismail for the Co.)

(Picture by Underground Market, for Co. x Underground Market)

Ultimately, it was a remarkable collaborative effort that made the Co. x Underground Market flea market in December 2021 such a success.

The next iteration of the Co. x Underground Market flea market will be on 2 July and 9 July 2022 at the Co.!

Save the dates, and we'll see you then!

Dates: 2 July 2022 & 9 July 2022

Time: 11am to 6pm

Location: Co. @ 99 Duxton Road

#02-00 Singapore 089543

Entry: Free and for fully vaccinated persons only.

Preferred mode of payment: PayNow

Bring your own bag.

Follow us on our social media to receive the latest news on exclusive privileges and vendors!



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